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Hallo :D May I ask if you were able to bring a camera inside the concert hall or just a phone? I am curious since some of the photos I found here on tumblr have a quality like made with a dlsr camera o: Thanks in advance! ♥

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Well, for the Chicago one that I went to, regular cameras WERE allowed. But I heard that apparently the LA one is NOT allowing cameras. And as for the New York and Dallas ones… I have no clue what their photography policy was.

I hope that helps you some! :)

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Jongup & Olaf

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Here’s my fan account about B.A.P’s LOE concert in Chicago!!! (^_^)

Hope you’ll enjoy it! hehe



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My photos from the concert can be found HERE.

My fancams will be uploaded soon!

[FANTAKEN] 140419 B.A.P LOE Chicago - Ending Goodbyes ((DO NOT EDIT/REPOST))


Daehyun (ft. others) during Hurricane @ LOE Chicago. Please don’t repost or edit, thank you ♥

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Daehyun pt 2 B.A.P LOE in Chicago 140419

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[FANTAKEN] 140419 B.A.P LOE Chicago - Talk Session ((DO NOT EDIT/REPOST))